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Portable Wireless Hub

Connect your iPhone, iPad and Mac to any other device wirelessly.
DoBox has multiple ports to connect an internet cable, printers,
flashdrives, hard drives, keyboards, TVs, projectors, monitors or
speakers, and use them wirelessly through DoBox’s own Wi-Fi.
Enjoy the freedom of full connectivity!




As seen on

“DoBox could inexpensively replace
most your Apple peripherals”

“This wireless box will… let you turn your iPad
into even more of a productivity workhorse”

“DoBox on Kickstarter is an ambitious device
that serves as a multipurpose dock”

“The DoBox is an all-in-one device, but it does a
lot… Sounds like a perfect travel device”

Where can you use the DoBox?

For developers

That’s not all, we also thought about the developers. What do you want to use the DoBox for? Be creative, you can do it with DoBox! We offer you an SDK, so that you can easily use its ports and integrate its functions into your own app.

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