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Thank you for purchasing a DoBox!


Please follow these first-step instructions:

1. Charge your DoBox

Make sure to first charge the battery for at least 10 hours while the DoBox is turned off (not showing a continous white light but rather pulsating), otherwise it won’t function properly! If it doesn’t light up, please reset on the DoBox with a pin or paperclip in that little hole under the audio output.

2. Install DoBox beta app

Tap on the this link and install the DoBox beta app:

3. User manual

Download and read the User Manual of the DoBox beta app here.

4. Support

In case of any strange device behaviour or your DoBox got frozen, please do a hard reset: Push a pin or paperclip inside the small hole under the audio out port carefully until the reset button clicks.
If, after reading the manual, you still have any questions, problems or suggestions, please write to
This video shows also the TestFlight install, but the app is now available on Apple’s AppStore,  so you can start the video from 0:29